Additional Sockets and Lights

With modern living the electrical supply demand has increased, many older properties, are short of plug sockets and switches or have them positioned poorly for use of rooms.

This often means that extension leads are used. Not only do these create a physical hazard they also cause a risk of overloading a circuit. Deciding to add or move sockets and switches is easily the neatest and safest way to solve these problems. You'd be surprised how quickly such jobs can be done.

We undertake all this type of work including adding new lights or replacing of old lights. Of course, all of our work will comply with the British Standard Regulation (IEE) BS 7671.

Some examples of our work are shown below:

New sockets in a kitchen

Extra Sockets

New Ceiling Lights

 Ceiling Lights

Small Jobs Welcome

At Sep electrical we will take on small bits and bobs of work  that other companies often reject.  Even tiny things like changing a fuse in a plug, or just replacing a light bulb. If you have difficult with such things or simply don't like messing with anything electrical then please get in touch, we'd be happy to help.