Electrical Tape Colours and Their Meanings

Electrical tape is one of the most commonly used forms of cable management in the electrical industry. With electrical tape coming in a range of different colours, it is important to know what each colour means. The colours will generally relate to their voltage.

Black Electrical Tape is generally used to distinguish insulation, low voltage within the wires or neutral wires.

Red Electrical Tape is used in the United Kingdom to distinguish Low voltage or phase B.

Blue Electrical Tape is used to distinguish low voltage and phase C wires.

Yellow Electrical Tape is another colour that is used within the United Kingdom to distinguish low voltage or Phase B wires.

Finally, green tape can be used to show that the wire is an Earth wire.

These tapes are generally only used on wires that already have a black electrical casing. A ring of tape will be added to the cable to show its alternative use to the plain back casing of a wire.