Electrical Terms And Their Meanings

Today, we are going to share with you some basic electrical terms and what they mean.

Service Box
The main electrical panel where all of the fuses are for your home or building. All electrical circuits in your home should start and end at this location. It can also be known as a service panel or fuse box.

This is the term used to describe the diameter of the wires. With the larger the number meaning the thinner the wire is.

A.C stands for alternating current. This is a type of current which can be found in offices and your home.

A circuit is a loop where your electricity flows. An example of this would be a light fitting. Where the electricity runs in a circuit to the light fitting to allow it to work. A circuit will only work when the circuit is complete.


Safety Precautions When Working With Electricity

Working with electricity is extremely dangerous, with there being a possibility of electrocution causing death. This is why it is important that you follow these safety precautions when working with electricity.

When working with electricity you should avoid water at all times. This is because water increases the conductivity of electricity, making it more dangerous. You should always work with dry hands when near electricity.

Turning off the power supply is a good idea when working with electricity. This helps to prevent the risk of electrocution. You should always be cautious as some electricity will remain in the wires.

You should always use insulated tools when working with electricity. This is because these have been made for electrical use. The material will not conduct electricity as easily as others.

Finally, you should always consider using an electrical tester before working. This helps you to know if the area is live, or if most electricity has been removed. Helping to keep you safer.